Sweet Infinity Godslayer Acheron

Namn: Sture
Date of birth: 2019-04-30
ED: 0
Ataxia: Clear by parentage
More info: Pedigree, Pictures, Results
Owner: Sweet Infinity Kennel & Victor Ermeland
Breeder: Sweet Infinity Kennel




White Rock Apache

(Frozen semen)

I feel so thankful towards Dr. Richard Pascoe (White Rock Kennel) and Whitney Grayson for the trust in giving me Apache semen. I can´t thank you both enough.


Name: Apache
Date of birth: 2009-01-03
Pennhip: 0.26 (L), 0.30 (R)
ED: -
Ataxia: Clear
More info: Pedigree, Pictures 
Owner: Sweet Infinity Kennel
Breeder: Scott Lucas (USA)



Sweet Infinity Cronus King Of Titan

Name: Paco
Date Of Birth : 2021-03-12
HD: -
ED: -
Ataxia: Clear by parentage
More info: Pedigree, Results, Pictures
Owner: Sweet Infinity Kennel & Louise Bergqvist
Breeder: Sweet Infinity Kennel