Dark Hunter Litter

Bergegården's Crazy Gooseberry

Bergegården's Lord Of Olympus Wizage Leader Lord Mount Brier's Aren't U Envious
Le wi's Monterosa 
Rondevu autumn Dream  Easyrider Of Legendary Seals
Expand Braeve Heart beuty
Sweet Obsession Impressive Essence Kan Trace Radames Black Get Smart Kan Trace
Kan Trace Indian Dream

R.WW INT CH Sunbolt Miss America

Sunbolt's Black Ice of BDR
CH Sunbolt Teguila Sunrise
Contra Legem Chaska Rumi

Chasqui Titan Tecumseh

Gorgeous Jukon Silver Sebes

Sayian from the Southern Stables

White Rock of Stormy of G. Jukon

Chasqui Catch-a- lot Beachbreeze Chasqui Notorious Jedi
Carly from the Southern Stables 

WR Contra Legem Debonair Inca

CH Chasqui Spot Zone Nakoi from the Southern Stables
Chasqui Catch-a- lot
Rixendis Tribale Dionysis WR Dogtown Twiggy De Rixendis
Fortune of Nice  Pharamund's